Where Does Andrew Sullivan Live?

I get that Andrew Sullivan dislikes Bill and Hillary Clinton, to say the least. I get that that means I’m going to have to wade through lots of out-of-the-blue references to them. And, for the most part, I’m ok with that; his blog is still a very good read, and I can catch keywords more often than not and know when to skip over something. But that’s no license to be wrong. To wit, take this post:

My view is that McCain will win Ohio. He will win all of Appalachia. There was only one reason white Appalachian Democrats suddenly discovered Hillary Clinton was their idol, having despised her for years. It’s the same reason McCain will win Ohio. It has nothing to do with Clinton or McCain.

Obviously Andrew is referring to race, and that’s a valid topic. There’s certainly plenty of “racial resentment” in Appalachia, and it deserves an honest discussion. But Andrew isn’t giving us an honest discussion when he asserts that “white Appalachian Democrats suddenly discovered Hillary Clinton was their idol, having despised her for years.” White Appalachian Democrats have always been a pretty good constituency for Bill Clinton, and one would assume they would follow to Hillary by extension. Bill Clinton carried Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee in 1992 AND 1996, and he carried Georgia in 1992. In other words, when Andrew talks about Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio, he’s talking about places that have been good to the Clintons for 15 years now.

If he has some evidence I’m not aware of regarding white Appalachia’s previous antipathy to Hillary Clinton then he should post that, specifically. Otherwise he should apologize for, once again, making a “point” devoid of any factual backing that happens to be anti-Clinton.

And he might want to consider adding the Clintons, along with Sarah Palin, to a list of topics he avoids blogging about until he can develop a modicum of self-control.

Update: Andrew tries to be funny, and fails:

Factoid Of The Day

John McCain is polling roughly at the same share of the vote – 43 percent – that gave Bill Clinton the presidency in 1992.

Of course, Clinton was running in a somewhat unprecedented, and at the least very rare, 3 way contest in which one in every 5 votes went to a candidate who was neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Now, I assume this is a joke, but it’s hard to tell, because given Andrew’s irrational obsession with everything Clinton, he could very well think this is some sort of valid point.