What Now – Again – Eric?

What’s a whiney conservative GOP leader wanna be to do?

By petulantly voting against the agreed upon version of the legislation requested by the President on Monday – because his widdle fweelings were hurt by the horribly partisan and general meanie Nancy Pelosi, Eric Cantor now has to face the possibility of watching the Senate version of this legislation – with it’s mental health parity provision and the alternative energy tax incentives added on to it passed instead.

Because the House does not have filibuster rules, this new plan could be passed with little or no GOP support in the House.

Voting against the bailout is not as politically popular as they thought on Monday, and the Senate GOP, as well as the current leader of the Republican Party, John McCain, have embraced it, thus leaving only the far right who live in coo-coo land anyway as the only potential voters who will be swayed by a vote on this one way or another.

So does the House GOP just man up and vote for this, or do they watch as what little influence they have on public policy follows their duty to the country down the drain?