Violent Crazies Cont’d

About a week ago, I pointed out that the mobs of right wing nuts being incited by the McCain-Palin campaign and becoming increasingly vitriolic and “heated” towards Barack Obama could present a threat to Obama supporters at the polls. Damned if the right wing didn’t go out and prove that I know my wingnuts. Here’s a video from an early voting polling location in North Carolina.

Now, I could note the irony in the fact that this is the south, and the voters are predominantly black while the “protestors” are almost entirely white. I could point out that white intimidation of black voters was the impetus that got us the Voting Rights Act in 1965. I could point out that it was only 40 years ago when people could be killed for trying to vote.

Instead I’ll just point out that trying to intimidate people for casting a vote is about the most “un-American” thing you can do, that the right-wing is once again exposed as a bunch of self-serving hypocrites wrapping hate in the guise of hyper patriotism, and pointing out that someone needs to put a stop to this quickly. 1st amendment notwithstanding, the intent of the “protestors” is pretty clearly to intimidate people going to cast a vote, which is both outside the bounds of your free speech rights and clearly creates a volatile, and dangerous, situation for citizens.