I’ve written before that the idea that Sarah Palin is somehow the frontrunner or even well positioned to be the Republican nominee for President in 2012 is downright laughable, and for supporting evidence I note that Bobby Jindal is already doing events in Iowa.

Jindal is every bit as loved by the right-wing of the party as Palin is at the moment, but he has the added benefit of being much better versed in both national issues and orthodox conservative ideology than Palin, who is flatly uninterested in both. You can bet your ass Jindal could rattle off a dozen or more Supreme Court cases he disagrees with, for all the “right” reasons if you will, and would never get caught agreeing with a fundamental right to privacy. Or, in short, if a campaign were to be between Jindal and Palin over an extended period of time, Jindal would win the right-wing in a walk.