Truth is Pliable

If you don’t regularly read The Corner over at NRO, well, do it. With the slowly creeping realization that the country is about to hand them a defeat of epic proportions, the wing nuts still in the fold are quite literally losing their mind. The only downside is the predictability of it all. It was pretty easy, for example, once this Ashley Todd story popped up to guess that Andy McCarthy, Mark Steyn, and Jonah were going to be all over it. And they don’t disappoint, although you can’t get the full effect now because, in clear violation of internet traditions, they delted the bulk of their cocksure remarks.

But wait, there’s more, never one to miss a chance to make crazy hay, Andy McCarthy writes a “retort” to a bunch of Obama supporters who apparently had the nerve to point out the rather obvious fact that he’s increasingly unhinged, and he responds with a post that is downright, well, unhinged. But there is one important rhetorical point to be had here:

I don’t owe you or Sen. Obama an apology.  My post noted press reports on an incident that has apparently proved to be without foundation.  There was no racial aspect to it as far as I was concerned:  I registered only that the assault had allegedly been carried out by Obama supporters — I hadn’t focused on the black-on-white aspect of the report until I read your emails.  I don’t live in a race-conscious cocoon:  I grew up in meager circumstances and attended integrated schools in the Bronx, where there were all kinds of black people and all kinds of white people (among all kinds of people of several other backgrounds); all in all, we got along fairly well.  I prosecuted white people who preyed on black people and black people who preyed on white people.  I’m not a simpleton who assumes all Obama supporters are black, and that if there is a report of an Obama supporter on the giving or receiving end of harrassment (or worse) that that perforce suggests a racial incident.  

Did you catch that? Like all the other good wingnuts, Andy McCarhty just “doesn’t see race.” So when a white woman falsifies a report about being attacked, mutilated, and sexually assaulted by a black man, McCarthy (seriously, is God an ironic one or what?) can’t for the life of him see why race makes any difference. I mean, it’s not like there’s a long history in this country of white people rioting and murdering young black men because of accusations of violence against young white women. Right? Conversely, I imagine that this would mean McCarthy wouldn’t see any racial aspect to a bunch of hypothetical white, Southern, McCain supporters confronting and harrassing a bunch of black people on their way to cast a vote. I mean, what’s race got to do with it right?

Of course, the difference is that the former (a black man attacking a white woman), didn’t happen in this case, the white girl made it up. The latter, on the other hand, is actively going on as we speak. We’ve even got video.

But you’ve really got to hand it to Andy for mastering that fine right-wing art of not letting a little thing like truth stop you from bending the rhetoric to your advantage. You may make something of yourself yet McCarthy, if you don’t have an aneurysm anyway.