The Last of John McCain’s Character…

… is now gone, gone to his desire to be President.

He had served his country for decades, forging an image as a patriot and a “straight talker.”

Now, at the end of his political life, he has decided that his word is no longer his bond.

First, he made a big thing about “suspending his campaign” and “putting country first” by leaving the campaign trail to go to Washington to help resolve the financial crisis.

He promised that he would not return to the campaign and that his campaign ads would stop running until the compromise had been reached.

The House finally voted on a compromise measure last Thursday.

McCain’s promise? Well, he had already broken it by returning to the campaign (ads and all) a week prior.

At the very beginning of this campaign McCain had told people that he would run a “respectful” campaign, not rumor mongering and mud slinging like the Bush people did to him in 2000 and to John Kerry in 2004.

Today his campaign announced that they were abandoning all positive ads about McCain’s character and policies and were only going to run “negative” ads of the kind McCain had promised NOT to run, ever.

True, his campaign had been fudging on his promise to the point where he was called on it by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday already, but this as a complete handing over of the campaign to smear tactics.

John McCain has traded in his character and reputation to finish a closer second on Election Day. He is attempting to guarantee that Senator Obama would not be able to govern effectively as President by poisoning the well with lies and innuendo.

John McCain should be ashamed of himself. One day, he will likely come forward and admit that. Too bad he is now tarnished beyond redemption…