Shrinking the Field

So the big news of the day is that McCain is pulling out of Michigan. This is pretty much noteworthy, in so much as it takes away McCain’s best chance to date of flipping a state Kerry won other than New Hampshire, who only carries 4 electoral votes. It also shrinks the field Barack Obama has to play on, as without a McCain offensive Michigan should go blue fairly handily. I would suspect that Pennsylvania will follow shortly, and the Obama campaign will be faced with a challenge. Having moved into a lead in Ohio and Florida in recent weeks, and remaining shockingly close in North Carolina and Indiana and with Iowa and New Mexico looking like fairly reliable states for Obama, does the Obama campaign want to pour its financial advantage into the traditional swing states, or play on a wider map?

My advice would be to play as broadly as possible, assuming you don’t leave Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Colorado under attended to of course. Playing as many places as possible leaves open the most avenues to victory, and creates more places for McCain to have to decide on. And besides, larger margins of victory are always beneficial to have, especially when you want to move a big agenda.