Retire David Broder

For the life of me I don’t understand how this man is anything other than a monumental embarrassment to everyone else at the Washington Post.

As it turned out, the effort was not needed. Palin did just fine on her own, and so did Joe Biden her sparring partner and the veteran senator from Delaware. In fact, the surprise of the night was that the candidates for the No. 2 job were much livelier and more impressive on the Washington University stage than Barack Obama and McCain had been when they met at Ole Miss

In a session that was faster-paced and friendlier than the presidential debate, Palin and Biden smiled often at each other while exchanging glances and verbal blows. It was a reminder that politics can be fun — as well as informative.

But it created a mystery of its own. Why in the world has the McCain campaign kept Palin under wraps from her debut at the Republican National Convention until this debate? What were they afraid of?

Can I get a shout out for Katie Couric?

If nothing else, at least McCain still has David Broder on the wagon.