There’s a lot of lauhing and snickering about the self-evidence McCain strategy that is banking, almost entirely, on Pennsylvania. What makes this seem silly is that McCain is trailing very badly in Pennsylvania. Nate Silver, in particular, really took the stategy apart.

The problem with this sort of thinking is that it really isn’t viable as a political strategy, especially for a candidate who is losing. You can’t fight in the battlegrounds where they are, you have to fight where you need the battlegrounds to be. If McCain moves his operation to North Carolina and Indiana, he loses. Period. Even if he wins those states, Obama will still top 270. So, as hokey as it sounds, McCain simply has to go where he needs to win and, yes, hope for the best. Sometimes people just lose elections, and there’s nothing they can do about it. 

But it doesn’t make for good punditry to say that.