One Week Out

We are one week away from picking the next President.  While I am relatively confident that it will be Barack Obama (I am still a Democrat, after all and I KNOW something could still get fucked up), I am relieved that we are going to pick a successor to George Bush.

I will wait and hold my breath until the new Vice President is sworn in and the Bush Presidency is officially ended, but just to have a successor named will be enough for me!

This has been the worst administration in American history.  They have done more to ruin the country and to make the world a more dangerous place than any administration – ever.

There is no area of the country, no facet of our commwealth that has not been harmed by these people.  With the financial meltdown even the people the administration tried hardest to help are taking it in the ass…

Whatever else happens next Tuesday, George W. Bush starts the long walk off that short pier into oblivion as soon as we have a President-Elect.

It cannot come fast enough for me!

– writeside