Okay, So I Was Wrong

Earlier in the year Brien and I were blogging back and forth on the issue of “turning points” in a presidential campaign.  I maintained that these “reasons Candidate X Lost” were always decided upon in hindsight, by historians who wanted to sound educated and intelligent, and that the events themselves did not really play that important a role in the outcome of the election.

Mike Dukakis in the tank, John Kerry wind surfing…  These kinds of things make there way into political lore and are cited as the “reasons” these candidates lost.  I still think they are being over emphasized, but I have to admit, I, myself, see one of those turning points this election.

The nomination of Sarah Palin WILL be the turning point for John McCain.  I think that the political historians will tell us that choosing Poison Palin, while it gave him a bit of a bump early on, ultimately cost him the support of enough moderate and independent voters to give the election to Obama.

None of this happened in a vacuum, and certainly the economic crisis didn’t do McCain any favors, but the sheer arrogance and lack of judgment shown in choosing this most unqualified woman apparently simply because she was a hard right woman politician made people realize that maybe they couldn’t trust old Uncle John.

As a Democrat, I am glad that he nominated her because it appears that she will be the “frontrunner” for the GOP nomination in 2012 (Sorry Mitt!)  and she will be an easy target.  She was someone who could have built a solid reputation, serving as governor for a few terms and then going to the Senate perhaps for a term, and THEN she would have had the chops to make a credible run at a national office.  She is damaged goods now, and no matter how well she rouinds out her experience and understanding of things, she will always be remembered for believing that sharing a water border with Russia gave her “foreign policy” experience.

So Sarah is the turning point on which this election has turned.

Let’s get it over with!

— writeside