More on Pennsylvania

Ezra writes:

John McCain is mounting his final stand not in Colorado, a state Bush won in 2004, but in Pennsylvania, which Kerry won comfortably and where Obama has a double digit lead. Why? One answer is that he’s still hung up on Obama’s apparent weakness among Appalachian whites. He can’t get over the weaknesses Clinton appeared to expose in the primary campaign, and is gambling that racism will overwhelm party affiliation and economic distress. Weird bet. But another possibility, suggested by a New Republic reader, is that the Obama campaign has successfully faked McCain out.

This is over thinking things quite a bit, and being a bit too clever for your own good. The simple fact of the race remains that McCain’s only hope of winning is that the pundits were all right about white Appalachians back in April and May, and his only viable strategy is concentrating his, limited, resources in the Western Pennsylvania/Eastern Ohio area and hope that he can win both states. Defending Colorado sounds good, but it doesn’t have the added utility of having another important battleground literally right next door. It’s also not worth nearly enough electoral votes to be a viable Ground Zero for McCain. Simply put, there’s really no silver bullet strategy for McCain, he just has tobst use his resources, and hope for a little “luck.” And, with that in mind, they’re doing basically what they need to be doing and concentrating on the Appalachian stretch of Pennsylvania and Ohio.