More Blowback From McCain

Aside from being reminiscint of something out of the Soviet Union, John McCain wants you toknow that Barack Obama’s 30 minute ad is going to delay the start of tonight’s 3 inning finish to game 5 of the World Series. Except that, according to Fox, it’s not: 

“Our first pitch for the world series is usually around 8:30 anyway – so we didn’t push back the game, it was really just about suspending the pre-game — you know, Joe Buck,” said the account executive, Joe Coppola. “That’s all we did.”

So you mean that Barack Obama has managed to decrease the amount of time I have to put up with Tim McCarver tonight? Obama for President!

On a slightly more serious note though, for all the tearing of garmets and what not going on about this, there’s nothing all that unusual about what Obama’s doing. In fact, it used to be something like standard operating procedure before the coming of 24/7 news outlets. And I suspect few people are really going to watch it, it won’t have a terrible effect one way or another, except to drive the right-wing of the GOP further into their own coffins.