Media Elitism

Ezra flags an odd Meet the Press discussion, and remarks on what it says about the media:

It’s always worth noting that the “elitism” of the media is not a bias towards expertise, but a bias towards people they know. Which is how you get Meet the Press episodes on the economy that don’t include any credentialed economists. It’s weird, until you realize that they don’t really know many economists, so how are they supposed to invite any on the show?

I don’t think that’s quite right. I’ve bemoaned many time how the media, especially column writers, have no apparent use for experts, but that doesn’t really mean that journalists don’t know any of them. I mean Paul Krugman writes for the New York Times, I’m sure he’s in a lot of journalists’ rolodex. What’s really at work, I think, is that journalists don’t see why they need real economists on their Sunday morning panels. They think they understand things just fine and are perfectly qualified to give expert commentary on the matter, thank you very much. And that is much more dangerous.