Keating Politics

I don’t really have much of an opinion on Obama’s Keating attack, because to me, it basically looks like nothing more than a counter jab.

Let me explain. In boxing, you might not be the best jabber, you might not like to throw jabs all that often, or you might not have it working on a particular night. But in any event, you have to be able and ready to throw one if your opponent starts pushing in on you to keep them at a distance. That’s basically what Obama is doing here. McCain’s Ayers/Wright/Rezko business doesn’t seem like it could matter now, but if there’s one place where it could change the subject, it’s the conflict obsessed political media. They’d like nothing more than to be able to ditchcomplicated economic issues they don’t understand for tabloid mudslinging. And the Obama campaign realized they couldn’t stay totally out of the fray, lest they go the way of Kerry 2004 and get drowned out by relentless negative overage they’re not responding to.

So they simply released a targeted jab. The “documentary” is somewhat low key, it’s fact heavy, it takes pains to connect the S&L collapse to the current situation, and it tries to take on McCain’s ethics. But most of all, it’s a bone for cable news. The idea is to create a cross current of screaming people throwing allegations at each other, in the worst case, which will leave voters shaking their head, getting lost in the fray, and ultimately going back to worrying about their economic situation instead of, possibly (if unlikely) replacing those concerns with pounded in talking points about the 1960’s.