Joe the Congressman

Well you have to give Joe the Plumber one thing, he knows self promotion, and he knows how to play his Republican talking heads. Apparntly he told Laura Ingraham this morning that he might run for Congress in OH-9. Of course, the district is pretty heavily Democratic, Marcy Kaptur has represented the district long enough (13 terms) to make her the most senior female in the House of Representatives, was re-elected in 2006 with just shy of 74% of the votes cast (indeed, she’s only gotten under 70% of the vote once since 1984), and will probably get somewhere around 75% of the vote again this year. So, of course, Joe isn’t really going to run for Congress in Toldeo, but it ought to be good enough to keep the right-wing swooning over him for another month or so, at least.