Good Questions

Atrios asks something that ought to be on everyone’s mind:

I’ve long been aware that you can be a sitting US Senator and be a bit of an idiot. But even the idiots seem to have some basic grasp of the contours of the debate over various policies. I really don’t know how you can be in the Senate for as long as McCain has, subjected to repeated exposure to this stuff, and be so completely clueless about everything.

This has long been something in the background of everything that no one has really connected to anything, probably because McCain is supposed to be the experienced, “substantive,” candidate. And I’m not even talking about the ins and out of multitudes of complex policies. McCain regularly mistakes basic processes and terminology anyone in the Senate would be familiar with, and does so with such ease that it’s hard to come away with any conclusion other than that he actually thinks what he’s saying is correct. And that says some rather scary things about his desire to pay attention, and his overall seriousness in matters of policy.