I have to admit that I have been enjoying watching the missteps of the McCain campaign this Fall.

They’ve been pursuing their tactics as if they were a bunch of college freshman doing a “fun” assignment for their “American Politics” class.  You remember those kind of projects, right?  The kind where you get to suggest bold and risky (and in reality, stupid) ideas as to how you would run the candidate’s campaign.  Bold ideas and risky themes can sometimes enchant college professors, but in the real world if you think it might be too risky, it probably is…

“I know,” one of the McCain freshmen said “Let’s pick Sarah Palin of Alaska!” “She’ll convince all those women who were going to vote for Hillary to vote for McCain!”  No doubt his compadres looked up from their Playstations for a second (they were on a break from the rigors of the campaign, okay?) and asked about the experience factor and that ongoing investigation.  “She has more experience than Obama and nothing will come of that investigation…  This is genius!”

Later on they would decide to announce that they had abandoned Michigan AND all advertising that wasn’t negative.  They would hold a teleconference where they bragged how Senator “No Pork” McCain had went to DC and scuttled the compromise deal that was in place before he got there, ostensibly because the first deal had funds for low income housing that might get to an umbrella community group who’s the current GOP bogeyman, but in reality ended up costing taxpayers $150 billion in add ons when the Senate passed their new version of the deal.

Oh, and they had a minister give an invocation over the weekend where he prayed to God to help McCain win because people of other religions were praying for Obama and he didn’t want them “thinking that their gods were bigger than you…”

As I have said, I have enjoyed watching them fuck up, but it is embarrassing now.  And what’s worse is that they will simply go back to their lives as lobbyists and political hacks, but John McCain’s reputation is ruined forever.  He has looked like an erratic old man as of late, running from theme to theme, from attack to attack, but now and then attempting to stop the vitriol that has been coming out of his camp.

This will be a game changing election for America.  If we can get through the next three weeks…

— writeside