Somehow I missed this Eric Bohlert column about the “waning” influence of Matt Drudge in this election cycle, and I’m yet again left shaking my head and wondering why we all can’t just get over Drudge already.

Look, let’s make something clear; matt Drudge doesn’t “rule” the media world. That’s the effect of a semi-famous quote from Mark Halperin, but Marky Mark isn’t really the best place to go for something like that. Why? Look at his website. It’s nothing but a bulletin board like, well, the Drudge Report. It’s the exact same style as Drudge, but Halperin is paid a lot of money by a major media outlet to do, well, nothing. So he needs to keep that a “legitimate” form of work, or he’s going to be out of a job (or have to actually do some damn work for that money). But that doesn’t mean Halperin is taking his cues from Drudge, indeed, media figures like Marky Mark are far too full of themselves to ever actually take directions from someone outside the club.

Indeed, I’ve never really understood how Drudge is supposed to direct much of anything. His “stories” are all links to other news outlets. Or, in other words, without the MSM Drudge has no content. Yes he changes headlines and yes he cherry picks some stories to skew his site to the right, but I don’t see a bulk of evidence that anyone pulls their campaign narratives from Drudge. Indeed, it’s always seemed to me that Drudge generally lags behind television pundits.

So can we please just ignore him already? Maybe then he really will go away. But if people like Media Matters keep acting like he’s part and parcel with the MSM, that really does more to legitimize him than anything else.