Do As I Say

Well, I see that some enterprising reporter has finally addressed the healthcare elephant in the room, that for all his railing against “big government” and “socialized medicine,” John McCain has quite literally had government provided health insurance, just the sort of thing he thinks would be really, terribly bad for everyone else, his entire life.

Now it seems that a lot of people have focused on McCain’s rather non-sensical answer in addressing this, but that’s not really interesting to me. Of course he’s going to say something silly that misses the point. To wit, the issue isn’t necessarily that he doesn’t understand insurance (although he doesn’t) because he’s been covered by the government his entire life, the issue is that he’s been constantly railing against universal healthcare and drawing up plans to force everyone into the individual market while he’s been collecting from the government for 3 quarters of a century.

There’s also another angle to this. As Yglesias points out, John McCain has suffered quite a bit of trauma in his life. From crashing planes to being tortured to having multiple melanomas. But despite all of that, he at least seems to be pretty healthy and vigorous all things considered. That someone his age with his medical history is even up to the task of running a Presidential campaign is, frankly, amazing. So it would seem that McCain’s government provided health insurance has served him pretty well over the past 72 years, well enough in fact that, as far as I can tell, he’s in better health than the majority of people his age, and certainly in MUCH better health than just about anyone his age who has also suffered as much as McCain.

But you can’t have John McCain’ insurance plan.