Corner Tensions

The one really interesting thing to me about The Corner has always been the inherent unworkability of having guys like Ramesh Pnuuru and Yuval Levin share space with K-Lo,  Jonah, and Mark Steyn. The former are your typical political messengers dressed up as “commentators” that you can get listening to any AM radio station thrugh the day. They’re basically spinners, packaging up kernels of truth into broader, less true political points, just like the people you see spinning for candidates on cable news all day long. The only difference is that everyone knows the professional flacks are full of shit, while everyone seems to think the “commentators” represent some form of serious discourse, as opposed to the blatant political messaging it is. Yuval, Ponnuru, Ross Douthat, etc., on the other hand, are genuine “intellectuals,” to get them in trouble, who are at the very least sincere in wanting to come up with real “conservative ideas.” They’re the sort of people that, even though you disagree with them, you can easily engage in a dialogue because, well, they want to engage in dialogue and discuss ideas. The rest just want to beat talking points into the ground to shape perception,

Anyway, it looks like the inherent tension in this might be bubbling up.