Bolton’s Back

It’s nice to know that the Washington Post is so kind, so magnanimous, that no discredited wingnut ever need fear an inability to get their discredited, somewhat psychotic, ramblings published ina major American daily. The latest wingnut to retreat to the pages of WaPo? Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. and wingnut extraordinare…John “The Mustache” Bolton!

Here’s Bolton’s fundamental take on US-Russia relations:

A rational Russia policy has to escape the persistent romanticism of Moscow in recent administrations and the desire of some Europeans to close their eyes and hope things will work out. Too many Europeans believe they have passed beyond history and beyond external threats unless they themselves are “provocative.” Last spring in Bucharest, that mentality led Germany and others to reject U.S. suggestions to put Georgia and Ukraine formally on a path to NATO membership. Moscow clearly read that rejection as a sign of weakness.

Ultimately, what most risks “provoking” Moscow is not Western resolve but Western weakness. This is where the real weight of history lies. Accordingly, attitude adjustment in Moscow first requires attitude adjustment in NATO capitals, and quickly, before Moscow’s swaggering leaders draw the wrong lessons from their recent successes.

Tough guy policy is back! That’s right, the fundamental problem we have is that Russia might perceive us as weak. Of course, they wouldn’t perceive that because we have very little utility in our capability to project force thanks to being intwined in a war of choice Blton heartily supported, and indeed wants to expand, they’ll think that because we’re not puffing our chests out far enough. But at the same time, it’s clear that Bolton regards Putin as the same kind of chest puffer, so it’s a little bit hazy as to why acting tough against someone who is just going to think they’re tougher still is really going to do much of anything, especially when they know we don’treally have the ability to do much of anything. It’d be like getting into a bar fight with Mike Tyson, if Tyson had two broken arms. He can get in your face all night and remind you that he’s Mike Tyson, but if both of his arms are broken he can’t actually hit you, Mike Tyson or otherwise.

Of course, the real answer to dealing with Russia is to devise an alternative energy system that renders their vast reserves of oil and natural gas useless, and eliminates their main source of revenue.