Bill Kristol in 30 Seconds


A lot of people are taken with post-mortems of the right at the moment, but for my money probably the single most devastating blow for the conservative infrastructure on the whole was when Bill Kristol carved out a place for himself as, arguably, the leading conservative intellectual. Up to that point, the right had actually done a pretty good job of keeping their intellectual class seperated from the base rousers on the radio, but Kristol was the end of that. Remember that Kristol got his start as Dan Quayle’s chief of staff (thanks to his daddy of course), and everything he’s done since then has served a partisan end…as is brilliantly summed up in that devastating sentence from Jon Stewart. Yeah the guy may write books, he may have started a magazine, he may write for The New York Times, but at the end of the day none of that is actually serious work, and at every turn Kristol is merely disseminating spin. And he’s gotten so automated in that that he doesn’t even realize it’s not exactly credible for him to be using the Times, as a slur.

Lots of people are wondering what the Republican party needs to do to recover, and this that and the other, but the absolute first thing that must be done for them, in the long run, is to dump Bill Kristol, and everyone in his mold, and actually get yourself a serious intellectual class again. A cartoon character so easily made fun of (and so consistently wrong about, well, everything), is not someone you want as a prominent face of your party/movement.

(h/t) Greg Mitchell