Will The VP Candidates Make a Difference?

They will for a news cycle or two – but only to the political junkies.

Technically both VP candidates will be the “presumptive heirs” to the nominations of both their parties, but that tends to not work out so well for the losing candidate.  I guess that menas we should pay attention, and that is precisely why the political junkies (like me) WILL pay attention to them.

Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton, as VP nominees, will start immediately running for the nominations in 2012 – which is why neither of them will likely be chosen.  Each do have an upside, I mean, Romney looks like a President and has his own money to put into the campaign.  Hillary would fire up her supporter, and help the ticket with women and middle class whites, but oh, that Clinton baggage!

Chances are that we will get bland, moderate governor types who have no skeletons in the closet.

But that won’t stop the speculation and hype!

I acn’t wait for that text message from Obama, can you?

I hear McCain is sending out smoke signals…