What Did We Lose?

I know I have talked about 1968 before, but I saw the movie “Bobby” today, and I visited the JFK Library last week, so it’s on my mind…

In 1968 both Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy were running on principal. Go back and read or listen to what they were saying. Watch the film of the way people responded to RFK and how he responded to them.

Now think of the politicians who have run for President after Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. What’s the first word that comes to your mind?

Bullshit. That’s what comes to your mind, right? Bullshit!

Nixon? Brilliant perhaps, but the power of the Presidency was the ends justified by the bullshit means.

Carter? Reagan? Clintons? Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!

Somewhere political operatives got so caught up in winning that they’ve forgotten the reasons for campaigns. We, as a people, have lost faith in our government, we have lost faith in the belief that someone running for office does so because of a calling to service. Oh, they’ll tell us about their plans to serve the people of the country, but we won’t believe them – and why should we?

On the 0ther hand, maybe we have been electing these kinds of “leaders” because we are afraid to love them, are afraid to believe in them because, after all, if you love them, someone can just blow them away… And for what?

I hear echoes of JFK and RFK in Obama. I see the connection with the people in him, the charisma, the intensity, yes, the hope.

Let’s hope it’s not just more bullshit, huh?

Let’s hope that 2008 is where we pick up where Bobby left off…