What did they not know and when did they not know it?

I initially applauded McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin – however begrudgingly – as a good move politically that stole the spotlight off Obama in the immediate aftermath of his DNC acceptance speech. I also thought it clever that they picked a relative unknown with “solid” conservative credentials to help shore up the support of social conservatives who were,up until then, lukewarm at best towards Sen. McCain.

But what a difference just 3 days can make!

Most notable to me in all the revelations about Gov. Palin is not about her, though. It’s about the McCain campaign. From a variety of sources (some partisan, I admit), it appears that they never even took the time to fully vet her before making this decision.

Here are a few examples:

McCain Camp Didn’t Search Palin’s Hometown Paper Archives

Andrea Mitchell reports GOP lawyers going to Alaska for a “deeper vet” on Sept. 1

George Stephanopoulos reports the same

According to others, however, there’s evidence to suggest that the initial vetting was not really done by the McCain camp at all, but by the Religious Right wingnuts of the CNP :

The Council for National Policy Meets in Minn., vets Palin

Yes, Sarah Palin was vetted

What do you think the public reaction would be if it were reported that Gov. Palin was picked to make the likes of James Dobson happy?

Wait, something’s just coming in…

The AP is reporting that Sarah Palin was indeed fully vetted? And their source? Oh, the guy in charge of the vetting.


So anyway, as I was saying….


Erik the Red