Vice-President Seccessionist?

Via Tapper, apparently it’s been confirmed that Sarah Palin was once a member of the Alaskan Independence Party, a group that advocates the secession, or at least a vote on it, of Alaska from the United States. I don’t really know what to do with it other than laugh, but you have to wonder how the flag-waving, “love it or leave” it right-wing will react to it (of course I know they’ll ignore it).

If I’m trying to make a serious point though, these “secessionist” wings in small, red, Western states do nothing but demonstrate a lack of ability to think things through. Alaska has a unique fiscal situation due to their abundance of natural resources, but also because Ted Stevens brings in a lot of federal money for things around the state. So as a citizen of Alaska, you have a lower tax bill then you otherwise would, because your Senator is passing the bill on to the rest of the country. But if you secede¬†from the country, all of those federal earmarks disappear, and you have to start paying for those infrastructure problems, or making up the difference on all of the government spending you’ve been taking advantage of without realizing it. Now it’s not necessarily inexplicable why someone who’s political “thinking” was limited to listening to a radio all day might not make that connection, but you’d think someone who has been a Governor, and presumably knows better than most how the budget is funded, might understand the consequences.