The Republican Brain, or Lack Thereof: Romney Edition

As reported by J-Mart:

“And you want to make sure our next president is someone who should be talking about protecting our nation and doesn’t just say let’s sit down with the world’s worst actors Ahmadinejad and the Castro brothers,” Romney said.  “But instead says, let’s sit down with the best democracies in the world and form a league of democracies. Let’s protect America. You want to make sure the people of America understand that when it comes to strengthening our economy we’re not in favor of raising taxes and cutting off trade and drawing a line and saying no nuclear, no coal and no more drilling. Instead, you want a president who will say, I’ll get this economy going with low taxes, and more trade for our goods, and yes, we will drill for more oil.”

The disconnect from reality is stunning. How is meeting with the leaders of unfriendly states a sign of lack of willingness to defend the homeland? Using that standard, every American president since the end of the Second World War has sold out the country. Kennedy met with Khrushchev and Nixon met with Mao. Compared to those two, Castro and Ahmadinejad are small potatoes. Of course, this assumes reason from people who have none, which can be seen in the following sentence. What possible purpose could a league of democracies serve? States of a democratic character are no more likely to have common interests than other states. Even in areas were states do have very similar interest (such as the EU), work on a common foreign policy is a challenge at best. Very few international challenges are so cut and dry that all democracies agree, and in the cases that are, more autocratic states agree as well.

When it comes to the economy, the theme of the day is just flat out lying about Obama’s positions. Cutting taxes for the vast majority of earners while raising them on a very small slice isn’t “raising taxes” in any meaningful sense. In fact, most voters would fair better under the Obama tax plan than they would under the McCain plan. Never let facts get in the way of a good rant though. Ditto energy. Since when has Obama stated opposition to drilling? Must have been some clever codespeak in his support for more drilling as part of a broader compromise measure on energy. He’s also the anti-nuclear candidate… who was dogged all during the primary season for being too close to nuclear energy firms in Illinois. Word of advice: attacks work better when they don’t contradict each other.

– Polk