The Political Ramifications of a Hurricane

I have to say that as a trained political scientist and a life long political junkie, I am fascinated by what we are witnessing with the hurricane literally drowning out the Republican National Convention.

The GOP is mobilizing to turn the RNC into a telethon of sorts to raise money for the American Red Cross with the First Lady and the would be First Lady addressing the delegates today showing video of storm damage and activities and giving out the telephone number of the phone bank the GOP has set up to receive pledges.  Apparently the delegates will be assembling “care packages” to send down to ais the victims of the storm.

The Obama campaign is apparently tapping it’s huge donor base asking them to donate money as well, and so far, adjusting the campaign schedule in deference to the storm.

How will this play out?  Will McCain get a “bounce” from this truncated convention at all?  Will turning it into a telethon to raise money change the dynamic of the campaign?  I just don’t know, but it will be fascinating to watch, won’t it?

Because I am a political partisan, I have to say that it amusing to think that people will actually believe that the Republican Party – home to those who tell people to “pull themselves up by their own bootstraps” – is REALLY concerned about the victims of this storm so much that the people who were going to Minneapolis to party are now going to work for charity.  But I suppose they might.

And how will the Obama campaign respond?

Stay tuned, it’s going to be interesting.