The McCain Bailout Plan

Just for posterity, despite the worries of most of the blogosphere, McCain apparently didn’t try to kill the package to make a political play out of it, he’s trying to take credit for it. Who could have ever predicted that?

Snark aside, if the media lets this go, it’s time for a revolt. McCain’s team was barely even trying to go through the motions here. Despite the fact that “you can’t phone this in” was the McCain team’s mantra over the past 3-5 days, McCain quite literally phoned it in yesterday, and was having dinner with Liebermann when the deal got done. In other words, he did nothing. It’s on the public record that he did nothing. And now he wants credit for the deal.

I’ll blog my reaction to the package when more details come out, but for now I just want to point out that every aspect of the blogosphere needs to do our damndest to make sure McCain doesn’t get away with this nonsense.