The Homo Agenda

The Theo-Con wingnuts at the Alliance Defense Fund have discovered how those dangerous fags and dykes are trying to take over our great country.

Pam Spaulding at Pandagon found out about the leak and is mighty perturbed. Here’s the document for your perusal (must have Adobe Acrobat installed):

If you look at the bottom of this “document” you’ll see a who’s who of Religious Rightwing nutbags in the U.S., chief among them Dr. James Dobson. They describe themselves as “America’s largest religious liberty legal alliance”, “religious liberty” being code for “the freedom to ram our views of what Christian belief is down the throats of every American and harass anyone who won’t take it”. For some reason, gays seem to really stick in their craw more than any other issue they consider “immoral”.

Anyway, all you gays out there better watch your backs, because they’re on to you. Just a friendly warning. [wink]