The Difference Between Vision and Division (One)

I should be writing this tomorrow, after I watch John McCain’s speech – which I will – but I think I’ve seen enough of what the GOP hopes for this election season to make some assumptions, so I’ll start today.

Remember during the Democratic Convention when the commentators were complaining that they were ripping into McCain and the GOP more?  Further, do you remember that, to a person, the speakers at the DNC said that John McCain was an honorable man who had served this country honorably, but that he was just wrong on the issues of the day?  That convention was about a vision of pulling the country back together and coming up with American solutions to the problems we face together today.

In his acceptance speech Senator Obama outlined several areas of stark difference and offered visions of how we work together to solve them.  He stressed that we were all patriots and that we were all in this together, and that if we worked together we could solve the problems better than if we tried separately.  His whole speech was about a vision of an America that we haven’t had for many years, certainly not since the War in Vietnam.

By contrast the Republicans offer division, rich versus poor, black versus white, faux “real” Americans versus “evil librul” ones.  If you listen to the speeches and watch the reactions of the crowd, you see the same thing anyone looking at their policies and politics over the years have seen:  that they WANT us to be divided, at each other’s throats, afraid of their fellow Americans.

The only way that Republicans can win is if they successfully portray half of their fellow Americans as “traitors” or “terrorist lovers.”  That’s no way to win.  That’s no way to maintain a healthy republic.

I’ve called this (one) on this subject because I hope that John McCain might offer us something different tonight, but I don’t have much hope of that.

The choice this Fall is stark.  I hope the politics of Vision wins this time around…

— writeside