The Aftermath of Hurricane Palin

I’m willing to bet that John McCain kind of wishes he hadn’t picked Sarah Palin about now…

But the biggest surprise that I have about all of this isn’t what’s happened with her, the press reports and things, it’s been the strangely large number of people who fail to see how this pick is failing for McCain.

The cardinal rule for a GOP pick is to not be controversial.  John McCain has 8 weeks (more or less) left to convince the American Public that he is the better choice than Barack Obama.  If he has to spend more than a day or two of that time defending Palin, that is time that he’ll never get back.

Forget Palin’s personal peccadilloes (hey, I spelled that correctly the first time – impressive) for a bit because even though that DO hurt, they also might garner sympathy for her in some quarters and maybe even out, let’s look at her political liabilities.

First she takes the “experience” issue off the table.  Some GOP commentators are saying that the Democrats are being hypocritical by complaining about Palin’s lack of experience – not so.  Democrats are content to leave the experience issue alone.  If the McCain campaign talks about “experience” anymore, then he’ll be called to task for claiming that experience is important and then putting the tremendously inexperienced Palin one elderly heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Palin was originally touted as a “anti-pork reformer.”  Well, it is turning out that she was knee deep in pressing for pork when she was a mayor in Alaska – part of the “executive experience” the GOP claims she has. This certainly can be a tool to use against McCain if he raises the issue of pork barrel spending again.

Palin also apparently has had close ties in the past to Ted Stevens and Don Young, those members of Congress from Alaska who are now under federal indictment.  Again, this goes to her credibility as a “reformer,” even though she will apparently claim that she changed after becoming Governor.  Please.

Palin believes that contraception is wrong, period.  Not even to be used if a couple is married.  She believes that “abstinence only” education should be the only sex education that should be taught in schools, and that “creation science” should be taught side by side with actual science in schools.  These are not issues that will resonate with moderate and independent voters.

As it looks more and more obvious that the ONLY reason Sarh Palin was picked is because she was a woman, as the McCain campaign has to spend more and more time defending not only her but the competency of the campaign staff and McCain’s decision making in choosing her, as the stories about Palin dominate the internet and the news cycles, John McCain’s chance to be present grows weaker and weaker.

He was already facing a formidable challenge.

This hurricane – of his own doing – may just have made it impossible.

— writeside