Teh Funnay

If you need a laugh, take a look at McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds trying to defend Sarah Palin’s “experience.” It’s truly epic.


On a serious note though, Campbell Brown is one of those 2 or 3 personalities Ireally use to gauge the direction of media coverage. She’s high profile enough to matter, but she’s not quite in that top tier where she could actually drive the prevailing narrative herself. So she’s a good bridge between the upper echelon and everyone else, and you can generally count on her to show off the broader media consensus of the moment. And she’s damn near mocking Tucker Bounds. I mean, obviously she’s maintaining professionalism here, but you can just see on her face that she she wants to bust out laughing and point out how manifestly ridiculous this whole thing is. Which tells me that the media at large isn’t really taking Palin seriously, and that’s not good for McCain.