So Who’s Deperate?

On another site – which will go nameless – I’ve read a good many posts by Cons (not all of them, mind you….some are actually realistic) saying how the Dems are “desperatee”. Considering how Congress is likely to widen it’s Dem majority next year, considering Sen. Obama’s momentum and fundraising advantage and considering how McCain will have to deal with the Mr. 28% albatross around his neck as a major disadvantage, I don’t see how the Dems should feel a need for “desperation”.

You wanna see desperation? Check this out:

That List Of “Democrats And Indys” Backing McCain? It’s A Bit Of A Sham.

This is a fun one. A few days ago, the McCain campaign proudly released a list of “prominent Democrats and Independents” supporting his candidacy. The idea was to appeal to disgruntled Hillary supporters and others by sending a message that it’s okay to be a Dem and not support Barack Obama.

But there’s only one problem: The list is a bit of a sham. A look at some of these “Democrats and independents” shows that it’s a stretch to tout their support for the Republican as anything at all unusual.

Some of the “Democrats” and “Independents” on the list already have often supported Republicans in the past, suggesting that there’s little if any meaning to their support for McCain over Obama. And others have a history of hostility towards the Democratic Party that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to take them seriously as genuine cross-over supporters.

Click the link to see who many of these so-called Democrats are.