Scott McClellan

Well, whattya know…

Looks like when Scott McClellan was sqirming up there at the podium in front of the press, it wasn’t just the pressure of fielding tough questions (the actual “toughness” of which is debatable). Apparently he also KNEW that he was pushing a bucket o’ crap to the American people for his bosses in the Shrub administration.

This is according to his new book, where McClellan (supposedly) bares all and tells what he observed from his bosses before stepping up to the podium and spreading another cloud of bullshit to poison the national dialogue.

Bill in Portland Maine of DailyKos, who does the regular Cheers and Jeers section, had this to say about Scott and his new book:

MASSIVE JEERS to Scott McClellan. The latest former Bush lapdog—he was press secretary from ‘03 to ‘06—to come out of the woodwork has several juicy nuggets in his hot-off-the-presses tell-all book. Bottom line: he confirms everything that we dirty hippie bloggers were screaming about at the top of our lungs, but which the traditional media ignored because…well, because Scott McClellan stood at his little White House podium and denied it all, lying out of his fat little elitist face as the stenographers printed his crap without scrutiny.

Once again, we come face to face with a White House official who could’ve done the right thing…but instead decided that the lives of American troops, Iraqi civilians, Katrina victims, and a network of covert CIA operatives were worth less than the luster of his master’s lapel pin. When our country needed him to tell it straight, he hid behind propaganda and spin and bogus talking points and outright bamboozlement.

He told us to our faces we could trust him, when all along he knew that he was committing deception on a massive scale with horrific consequences. The lies he left in his wake, placed end to end, could reach the moon and back. He helped put the welfare of a handful of maniacal warmongers ahead of the welfare of the country. The time to reveal the way the Bushies were “restoring honor and integrity to the White House” was back then—years ago—when such revelations might’ve done some good. Instead, he waited until 2008 for his conscience dump. What bravery. What a mighty mighty man.

If there was any justice in the world, Scott McClellan would have to travel to the home of every family member who lost a loved one in Iraq, get down on his knees, and beg forgiveness. But he won’t. Instead, we get 341 pages of, Hey, I was just following orders.

The only thing that Scott McClellan should collect from his book is dust.

While I agree with a lot of what Bill says about McClellan, I wouldn’t go so far as to completely damn him. I personally believe that any bit of light shown on Mr. 28%’s shitty presidency to the general public outside of “political junkie blogland” is a good thing, even if the motive might be purely selfish in nature. Let them ALL come forward and collect their bag of silver if that’s what it takes to show the American people why we should be wary of electing another George W. Bush.