On the Rick Warren Summit

Despite what others may have seen, I saw a John McCain who was using every question as a springboard into his stump speech (”Drill here, drill now”).

By contrast, Senator Obama actually appeared to think about the questions and gave thoughtful answers.

While the audience there was supportive of McCain and applauded him more, I think that a lot of Hillary supporters are going to be a bit taken aback at McCain’s definitive answer that not only does life begin at conception, but that the fetus is granted full citizenship rights at that moment as well.  That thought better giove a lot of people pause.

By the way, how can McCain then support embryonic stem cell research?

And what of the apparently stolen story about the cross drawn in the dirt?  Did McCain ever report that story to anyone before Solzhenitsyn wrote about it?

I guess we all see what we expect to, but all in all, I thought that Obama came across very well.  In fact, someone close to me who thinks that there’s a chance that Obama is the Anti-Christ said that he came across very well.

I take that as a good sign.