On Iranian Missiles

The McCain camp has been attempting to make someone notice that they are going apoplectic about the recent Iranian missile testing.  They seem to think that these tests are “evidence” that we need to continue the pathetic war mongering and non-diplomacy of the Bush administration and that this will, finally, show the American people why we need McCain, or – more precisely – why we DON’T need Obama.


Anybody with a brain understands that we shouldn’t expect anything else out of Iran, what with the loose talk about a US attack and Israel practicing bombing runs.  Why shouldn’t they point out that they can defend themselves?

They test fire those missiles for the same reason that they pursue a nuke – to defend themselves.  Did the US invade North Korea?  Nope.  Why?  Maybe because they have a nuke?

Did the US invade Pakistan where Bin Laden is?  Nope.  Why?  Maybe because they have a nuke?

Did the US invade Afghanistan?  Yup.  Iraq?  Yup.  What do they have in common?  That’s right, no nukes.

Honestly, this isn’t really so hard to figure out.  I know, we’re told that the Iranians will behave irrationally because they’re Muslim, so they can’t have a nuke.  But isn’t Pakistan Muslim as well?  Aren’t our NATO allies, the Turks, Muslim as well?

The world is moving from being bi-lateral, to multi-lateral.  Military power is losing the ability to be the sole controlling factor in world affairs.

The longer we fail to grasp that, the longer we fail to prepare ourselves for working within the multi-lateral world of this new century, the harder it will be for our grandchildren to keep up.

A vote McCain is a vote for pretending that this is still the 20th Century…