Now What, Eric?

So the House GOP decided to play politics during a national crisis.  Big surprise, huh?

McCain followed Cantor’s nonsense by making the absurd claim that Senator Obama had failed to deliver as many changed votes in the House Democratic Caucus as McCain delivered in the House GOP.  WTF?

The deal always was that each party would put up half of the votes needed.  The GOP thought they could somehow make this a “Democratic Bill” (and Eric Cantor tried to use that convoluted logic afterwards as well…)

The fact is that the GOP House membership voted against the GOP administrations plan to get our financial markets out of the mess that earlier GOP Congress’ de-regulation and Bush administration appointees negligence led them to.

All Americans saw the vote today and then the stock market’s reaction.  The House GOP voted against the bill – the market plunged.

Now what, Eric?  Do you want to live with the political fallout from this bill?  The GOP just cost thousands of people jobs, savings, maybe retirement…  Every day might see similar falls and bank failures wiping out the savings and dreams of countless other Americans.  Why did the House GOP do this to America?

Now what, Eric?