Needed: Better Excuses

If John McCain really wants to be President, he’s going to have to find advisers who can make up some better excuses.

Take, for example, the latest incarnation of Troopergate-dodge. The latest excuse coming out of the Palin camp was that Walt Monegan was fired for rank insubordination. Why? Apparently he was just too zealous in his attempts to investigate sexual abuse cases, which are quite a real problem in Alaska. Now, my first inclination is to laugh, but when you consider that, under Palin, the town of Wasilla actually made women pay for their own rape kits, maybe it really is true and Palin just isn’t a staunch opponent of sexual predators. In any event, it would seem like that’s the sort of thing you’d want to hide not make a central part of your defense in an abuse of power scandal. (On a side note, if no one disputes the facts surrounding the allegations against Palin’s former brother in law, I’d much prefer she just stand up and say she did the right thing, taking on the wristslapping when cops break the law, but that’s just me).

Now, McCain is facing a gaffe from apparently not recognizing the name of the Prime Minister of Spain, and defaulting to an assumption that he must be some sort of left-wing Latin American dictator we need to talk tough about. So how does the McCain campaign respond? Their cheif foreign policy adviser tells the Washington Post McCain simply won’t commit to meeting the Prime Minister (and he confuses his title, calling him the President, to boot) of Spain. This, of course, is just downright crazy in so much as Spain is not only a Western democracy, they’re a NATO ally. Which means that we’re┬átreaty bound to go to war to defend Spain should the need arise, but John McCain, as President, wouldn’t necessarily agree to talk to the head of Spain’s government.

That’s not spin we can believe in folks.