My view on the selection of Sarah Palin

As I look at the events unfolding today, my first reaction is “That sonofabitch!” It was predicted that the McCain campaign would do this when they did to take the spotlight off Sen. Obama and short-circuit any convention bounce he might get. It appears they might have done just that.

As far as Sarah Palin herself goes, I have to admit that this is an extremely good move on their part. It’s good demographically and good because, as a yet-unkown quantity she doesn’t carrry the baggage of the other potential VP picks. In fact, I can’t really see any downside to choosing her at this time (but you can damn well bet I and others will be looking).

At the same time, I don’t see how she can help overcome the biggest problem the McCain campaign still has, which is that they’re Republicans…IOW, the same party of the current and still very unpopular President. Right now they’re basking in the limelight and feeling good at how this move will likely change the game, but eventually the glow is going to fade and they’re going to have to get down to the business of trying to prove to the country that the GOP deserves to retain control of the White House.

I don’t see how she can do that.

– Erik the Red