MSNBC Yanks Olbermann and Matthews From Election Coverage

I caught this story last night, and to be honest, I’m just having trouble getting worked up over it. Yes there’s the Greenwald angle, in that it really does say something about how easily the media is intimidated by Republicans, but at the same time, MSNBC’s election night coverage is just bad, and even I can’t watch it. I suppose most of that is because I just can’t stand Chris Matthews, but then, I’m not a huge Olbermann fan either. I will flip over to catch what Rachel Maddow’s saying, but other than that I’ve usually got CNN on.

What does worry me a little bit is the possiblity that they were canned principally because they “made Tom Brokaw uncomfortable.” The reason that bothers me a bit is that, as people who watched the Democratic Convention will know, Tom Brokaw should be an embarrassment to NBC right now. Say what you want about Olbermann, and even Matthews, but at least he’s paying attention to what’s going on, and not making a statement as absurd as saying John McCain hasn’t reinvented himself, after McCain has, in fact, reversed nearly all of his positions (except for bombing countries!) in the past 3 years. But that’s the elite media for you, forever concerned about not being perceived as “biased” by people who toss the charge out as a political tactic, and who they want to be able to golf with/interview, and not so much with making sure they’re putting out an accurate representation of the world to live up to their responsibility as news media of informing their viewers.

It also says something about how much of the media is driven by a handful of “deans” like Tom Brokaw, but that’s best left for another day.