Ms. Parker hits all the “right” notes

Besides thinking she’s a pretty lady, columnist Kathleen Parker has usually struck me as one of the more “reasonable” conservative columnists out there; not that there haven’t been exceptions. Today’s column is an especially notable one:

Smiling at Obama is a reflex

WASHINGTON—The history-making moment with which we’re now all familiar seems to have surpassed inevitability and entered the realm of foregoneness.There seems no stopping Barack Obama, not solely because of his obvious appeal but because who really wants to be the one who stands athwart history yelling, “Stop!” when this particular history is so compelling? And so charged.

See where this is going yet? If not, maybe this part will clue you in:

It is hard not to smile when Obama is smiling, but it was more than the animal impulse to mimic. It was simply satisfying to witness the birth of this new political offspring after centuries of labor. Bravo.

It’s too bad John McCain didn’t say something along those lines instead of starting off the general election with a badly delivered attack on Obama. McCain’s performance Tuesday provided a glimpse of the downer aspect of competing with this particular foe.Suddenly, the Old Warrior was grumpy ol’ granddad breaking up the keg party.

McCain will have to fight that bummer rap throughout the campaign as he says what he must to bring down Obama. He will also have to battle something else less tangible, which is the human attraction to momentousness, the desire to be part of the unfolding drama. (Involuntary smiling is an early symptom.)

Ah, it’s the “Barack Obama is just skating on his ‘rockstar appeal’ with no substance whatsoever” talking point. Got any more, Kathleen?

Not everyone’s swooning, clearly. Republicans want to stop Obama for all the right reasons (increased government confiscation of earnings, redistribution of wealth and the prospect of a President Obama empowering enemies through therapeutic chats).

Ah, there’s some more! Senator Obama is everything wrong about those damn Liberals! What else?

Neither candidate has an easy road ahead, but McCain’s ride may be bumpier, not least because he is incorrectly viewed as a Bush clone. But the truth is McCain has differed with Bush on the most important issues, including climate change, torture and the surge, which McCain urged long before Bush ordered it.

Ah, here’s the latest one. Knowing that being associated with the Mr. 28% is not a good thing for Sen. McCain and that’s one of the main angles the Obama campaign (not to mention the DNC) is going to be using against him, the Republicans, and their mouthpieces like Parker, are doing their damnedest to say otherwise. Never mind that McCain fully backs the disastrous Bush foreign policy, supports warrentless wiretapping, supports privatizing Social Security, supports No Child Left Behind, agrees with Bush’s economic policies, and showed the same lack of concern for the fact that our country was experiencing one of the worst natural disasters in our history.

McCain’s success [] may ride in part on whether he can survive his own deconstruction of Obama, through which we will discover the ultimate truth of Obama’s candidacy and the American experiment.

WTF is she saying here?? I get the “ultimate truth about Obama” part, she’s just once again parrotting the “Obama is an empty suit” horseshit. How does this, however, tie in with “the American experiment”?? Is she suggesting somehow that an Obama victory will show something terribly wrong with our system?? The idea that we could have the government run by GOP powermongers who appeared to be doing everything possible to shut down opposition and that the will of the people still prevailed despite this is a sure indicator of how well our system is STILL working. If it can survive 8 years – that’s 8 undeserved years – of Chimpy McFlightsuit and Mr. Sneer running the Executive Branch, there’s every reason to believe it will survive the election of McSame or the Right’s latest incarnation of evil, Sen. Barack Obama.