Margaret in America

MSNBC had an interesting piece today about the message the failure of the Clinton campaign gives for female candidates running for the highest office in the land. The writer muses in the title that if Clinton can’t, who can. The answer is pretty simple: a Republican. The key to winning elections is, obviously, appealing to a majority of voters. For a female candidate to be taken seriously in Democratic politics, she must skew pretty hard to the left. Comments that just sound wishy-washy from men, like wanting to make abortion “safe, legal, rare”, could never be uttered by a woman without sounding she had an abortion herself and the traditional defense issues that tend to a weakness for Democratic candidates are only made worse by the perception that women are softer and less likely to use force (probably why Sen. Clinton has tried to have a more hawkish voting record during her time in Senate). A woman running on the Republican line could side-step both of these. The first female POTUS will look a lot more like Margaret Thatcher than Segolene Royal.