John McCain, Liar

Well, Cindy McCain anyway. But so far as she is speaking for the McCain campaign, it’s fair to say she reflects on the candidate. Anyway, here she is this morning defending Sarah Palin:

At an appearance this morning at that joint New Hampshire-South Carolina breakfast (see below), Cindy managed to stretch the truth rather brazenly while discussing Sarah Palin: “She has no problem saying, ‘No, we don’t want that bridge to nowhere. If we want it, we’ll pay for it…'”

No, she didn’t stretch the truth. She didn’t “fudge.” She lied. We now know conclusively that Sarah Palin didn’t oppose the Bridge to Nowhere project. And with the amount of attention it’s gotten, it’s simply inconceivable that the McCain campaign isn’t aware of this. So to have someone as high in the operation as the candidate’s wife still pounding this talking point simply illustrates an amazing willingness to tell blatant lies, and it deserves to be called as such.