It’s All About Palin

Anonymous Liberal makes a very good point:

While there’s certainly a lot going on right now, I’m pretty confident that if McCain hadn’t engaged in his late afternoon theatrics, those two Palin clips would have been in heavy circulation tonight and tomorrow, especially in light of the mini-press corps revolt that everyone was talking about yesterday.

I think the McCain campaign knew the Couric interview would be a disaster as soon as it was done taping and spent much of the day frantically trying to think of a way to push it out of the headlines. The clincher for me is the fact that McCain cancelled his Letterman appearance at the last second and instead sat down for an impromptu interview with, of all people, Katie Couric. The hope was to bump the Palin interview even on the CBS Evening News, which otherwise would have hyped and teased the Palin interview all afternoon and used it to lead the broadcast. Instead, CBS devoted most of its coverage to McCain and played segments of the Palin interview almost as an afterthought. Mission accomplished.

Taking this in account with Dana Bash’s report that McCain apparently wanted to “postpone” the VP debate and replace it with a McCain-Obama debate, this makes basic sense. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to John McCain, and the country, every time she opens her mouth. She can’t go through an interview without saying something stupid or putting her ignorance on stark display. Last night’s interview had the potential to be downright disastrous for the McCain campaign, largely because Palin couldn’t name a single instance of McCain championing government regulatory power, and McCain wants you to think he’s a maverick reformer regulator guy. So they did something impulsive, childish, and somewhat harmful to create a distraction and divert attention away from Palin. Again.