Is Obama REALLY the most liberal Senator?

This post from Crooks and Liars does a good (IMHO, at least) of tackling head-on the RW “Obama is the most Liberal Senator” smear, especially the last paragraph:

This year, [National Journal’s] utterly meaningless ranking system, ready-made for Republican smear attacks, defined “liberal” as members who voted, on January 18, to establish a Senate Office of Public Integrity to handle ethics complaints against senators. Given the Republican Culture of Corruption that still rules the Beltway, that may be anti-Republican, but what makes it “liberal?” Similarly anyone who agreed in mid-March to the final passage of a bill implementing the 9/11 Commission’s Homeland Security recommendations, is suddenly “liberal?” And on May 9, Obama joined many other senators in voting to block individuals from serving on Food and Drug Administration drug advisory panels if they have conflicts of interest.

Let’s hope more Americans start defining liberal this way. Because to me this all sounds very mainstream, even if John “W” McCain was on the wrong side of each vote.

Personally, I question whether the “liberal” tag even has the same stigma attached to it that it did a few elections ago. The GOP still seems to think so, I guess…