Is McCain Disabled?

Ah, the world of “gotcha” politics! I love it!

It seems that a lot of the right wing types have gotten themselves all excited and claiming a “gotcha” against Obama because the newest Obama ad calls John McCain “out of touch” because he cannot use a computer.

They claim, you see, that McCain can’t use a computer because of the wounds he received as a POW.

Now, I don’t know yet if the McCain campaign is embracing this “outrage,” but if they do, it seems to me that this is an admission that John McCain is disabled due to the wounds he received while in the Navy.

While we all admire the heroism that Senator McCain showed as a POW,  I have to wonder if the American people will accept someone who is disabled to the point where they cannot utilize a computer as President.

Or aren’t you disabled, John?

— writeside