Is It Really About Sexism?

Via Matt, I see Campbell Brown lit into the McCain campaign for their sexist treatment of Sarah Palin in treating her like a “delicate flower.” Watch:

Now, it’s nice to see the media get tired of being used as a glorified press release clearinghouse/photo jockey, but I’m not so sure this is helpful to anyone, or accurate. Namely, I don’t think the McCain campaign hiding Palin from reporters has anything to do with sexism, and everything to do with the fact that she still has no working handle on the sort of national issues she’s sure to be asked questions about. That’s not, I don’t think, a sexist point. I could easily name 3 dozen women off the top of my head, from Hillary Clinton to Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Condoleeza Rice to Madeline Albright, who have an impeccable understanding of a broad range of important national issues both foreign and domestic. Sarah Palin is clearly not one of them. Just a couple of weeks ago, after all, she thought that the problem with Fannie and Freddie was that they were “too expensive for the taxpayers.”

Legitimate instances of sexism shouldn’t be tolerated, least of all by the liberal blogosphere, but I think, in this case, people ought to be a bit skeptical. Sarah Palin may very well a tough, confident, even smart, woman, but none of those qualities are stand ins for the sort of interest and study it takes to truly understand the broad national issues that are relevant in this election, and Sarah Palin has, on more than one occassion, clearly demonstrated she has no understanding absent a script. That doesn’t strike me as a sexist treatment of Palin, it strikes me as a sad measure of fact in the decline of a political process.