Do We Want THIS “Executive Experience?”

The parallel is striking.

When you look at the Bush firing of the Federal Attorneys because they wouldn’t prosecute Democratic lawmakers in time to influence elections:  the claims that they worked “at the pleasure” of the executive; the claims that legislative oversight was “tainted;” the refusal to cooperate with subpoenas or to produce written evidence under the claim of “executive privilege…”

Sarah Palin is now making the same claims about the investigation by the Alaska Legislature into her firing of the State Public Safety Commissioner – and she has only begun to make those claims since she joined the McCain campaign (and came under the influence of the Rove disciples running the McCain campaign!).

I think this tells us a lot about the potential for the McCain/Palin administration to be EXACTLY like the Bush administration:  abusing power, denying Congressional oversight, and not revealing the truth to the American public.

We don’t need this.

Not even close…

— writeside